Selective Memory presents




Opium, Dublin | IRISH DEBUT
Fri 20th Oct. Doors 8pm

Tickets €24.50 + bk fee

Get ready for a musical experience like no other as Ukraine’s electrifying folk-electronic sensation, GO_A, makes their debut appearance in Ireland this October! With their unique blend of ancient Ukrainian folk traditions and cutting-edge electronic beats, GO_A has taken the global music scene by storm, earning widespread acclaim for their innovative sound.




Go_A is making a modern reinterpretation of Ukrainian folklore packaged in electronic sound. The name of the band consists of “Go” as “movement” and “A” as an ancient Greek letter “alpha”, symbolizing cultural roots and the beginning of everything. And their music centers around just that: the beginning, retelling traditional Ukrainian stories that have been passed down through generations. 

The story of the band started in 2012 when the sound producer Taras Shevchenko met the ethnic singer Kateryna Pavlenko. Having experimented with Ukrainian folk songs, they realized that folklore and electronic music are a perfect match, thus creating a consummate combination of emotion and energy. 

In December that year, the first song “Koliada” («Коляда») was released. First, they wanted to write a song together as an experiment, but after seeing that it worked, the band has worked together since.


The band first gained attention after the release of the single “Vesnianka” («Веснянка»), which won the National competition The Best Track in Ukraine 2015. For six weeks, the song was number one on the 10Dance chart of the Kiss FM radio station in Ukraine and was awarded Discovery of the Year by the radio station.

In the fall of 2016, the debut album “Idy na zvuk” («Іди на звук» — Follow the tune) was released, featuring 10 songs (including “Vesnianka”). In early 2017 they released a Christmas single “Shchedryi vechir” («Щедрий вечір») in collaboration with Katya Chilly.