Debut Irish show
The Workman’s Club, Dublin
Saturday 23rd September. Doors 8pm
with very special guest – SIGN CRUSHES MOTORISTS

Horse Jumper of Love takes the stage for an unforgettable musical experience. On Sat 23rd Sept, this mesmerising indie rock trio will grace The Workman’s Club with their haunting melodies and atmospheric soundscapes.

Horse Jumper of Love’s introspective lyrics, intricate guitar work, and pulsating rhythms will weave a captivating sonic tapestry that will leave you in awe. Whether you’re a devoted fan or a newcomer to their enchanting sound, this is a concert you won’t want to miss.

Tickets €16 are on sale now

About the band

Horse Jumper of Love is a mesmerizing indie rock trio hailing from the vibrant music scene of Boston, Massachusetts. With their haunting melodies, introspective lyrics, and raw musicality, this band has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Comprised of members Dimitri Giannopoulos (vocals, guitar), John Margaris (bass), and Jamie Vadala-Doran (drums), Horse Jumper of Love creates a sonic landscape that is both ethereal and captivating.

Drawing influences from a diverse range of genres, including shoegaze, slowcore, and post-rock, Horse Jumper of Love crafts atmospheric soundscapes that envelop listeners in a dreamlike haze. Their music combines delicate, intricate guitar work with pulsating rhythms and introspective lyrics, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of sound that is simultaneously intimate and expansive.

Since their formation in 2013, Horse Jumper of Love has garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated following. Their self-titled debut album, released in 2016, showcased their unique sonic approach and garnered praise for its poignant songwriting and atmospheric production. The band’s sophomore effort, “So Divine” (2019), further solidified their status as one of the most intriguing and innovative acts in the indie rock scene.

With their introspective and emotionally charged performances, Horse Jumper of Love has captivated audiences in renowned venues and festivals across the United States and beyond. Their live shows are a sensory experience, as they effortlessly translate the intricacies of their recorded material into a powerful and immersive stage presence.


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