Selective Memory presents


Whelans, Dublin

Tuesday 24th October 2023. Doors 8pm

with special guest Duncan Maitland

Tickets €22 + bk fee from and Whelans WAV box office

The legendary band return to Dublin for one night only for a show at Whelans.

Tickets are on sale now





About the band

STORNOWAY, a captivating indie folk band hailing from the vibrant music scene of Oxford, England, emerged onto the musical landscape with their distinctive blend of melodic storytelling and intricate instrumentation. Formed in 2006, the band quickly garnered a loyal following and earned critical acclaim for their unique sound and heartfelt lyrics.

Fronted by the charismatic and enigmatic lead vocalist Brian Briggs, STORNOWAY’s lineup also features multi-instrumentalists Jonathan Ouin, Oli Steadman, and Rob Steadman, who contribute a rich tapestry of musical layers to their compositions. With a collective passion for crafting emotive and evocative songs, the band seamlessly weaves together elements of folk, indie pop, and alternative rock, creating a sonic landscape that is both mesmerizing and introspective.

STORNOWAY’s debut album, “Beachcomber’s Windowsill,” released in 2010, introduced audiences to their poetic storytelling and showcased their penchant for crafting atmospheric melodies. The album was met with widespread acclaim, earning praise for its intricate arrangements, infectious hooks, and the soulful nature of Briggs’ vocals. Songs like “Zorbing” and “I Saw You Blink” quickly became fan favorites, solidifying the band’s reputation as masters of crafting poignant, introspective anthems.

Following the success of their debut, STORNOWAY embarked on an exciting musical journey that saw them evolve and expand their sonic palette. Their subsequent albums, “Tales from Terra Firma” (2013) and “Bonxie” (2015), showcased their growth as songwriters and musicians, delving deeper into themes of love, longing, and the human experience. The band’s ability to create lush, atmospheric soundscapes while maintaining a sense of intimacy and vulnerability remained a hallmark of their music.

STORNOWAY’s live performances are nothing short of captivating, with their intricate arrangements brought to life on stage through their exceptional musicianship and infectious energy. They have graced stages at renowned festivals around the world, including Glastonbury, SXSW, and Latitude, and have shared their music with audiences far and wide, leaving an indelible mark wherever they perform.

As they continue to push boundaries and explore new musical horizons, STORNOWAY remains a beloved fixture in the indie folk scene. Their distinctive sound and poignant lyricism have touched the hearts of listeners worldwide, making them a band that resonates deeply with fans and newcomers alike. With their unwavering dedication to crafting timeless music, STORNOWAY’s journey is one that continues to unfold, inviting us to embark on a soul-stirring adventure with every song they create.