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L E F T F I E L D 



Leftfield – one of electronic music’s all-time greatest acts – is returning to Ireland for their first headline club show in 8 years. Most recently the band have been selling out venues and causing a mass break-out of smiling faces across the world.

Says Neil Barnes: “I can’t wait to get back to Ireland we love playing there. The best reception. The best crowds. It’s going to go off.”

Promoters Selective Memory are bringing Leftfield to Dublin’s Vicar Street on Friday 25 May 2018 for strictly one night only. Expect a typical Leftfield full live show featuring ‘ “a full live set-up with crackpot MCs and singers, drums, djembes, melodicas, guitars, MacBooks and racks of synths” as State.ie described their last Dublin headline show in 2010.2017 was an amazing year for Leftfield (led solely by Neil Barnes since 2010), as they toured the world playing venues and at festivals (including headlining Metropolis festival 2017 at the RDS in Dublin) cementing their reputation as one of the finest electronic acts on the road. Having celebrated a very special reissue of their seminal debut album Leftism, ‘Leftism 22’, this year is all about looking to the future and continuing to build upon their unrivalled reputation for incredible Iive shows, DJ Shows and recording new music.

Expect this new show for 2018 to incorporate music from across the band’s catalogue.

Praise for the Leftfield’s live show in 2017:

“The floor is packed with a sea of blissed out faces – people are talking to friends and random strangers. It’s like being in the Best Club Ever” The 
Steam rose from a crowd determined to rave, whatever their age. By the finale, soaked bodies littered the floor of the foyer” The Times
“The electronic mavericks prove they can still bring down the house” The Guardian
 A Dance Music Landmark. Mojo
Leftfield was formed in 1989, before emerging publicly in 1990 with Not Forgotten, a song that established a template for a new strain of British house leaning away from American styles dominating UK clubs. Released in January 1995, their debut album (made by Neil Barnes and Paul Daley), Leftism remains one of the defining statements of dance music, a gloriously inter-woven bombardment of musical styles and immaculate grooves, nominated for a Mercury prize and later voted in the top ten greatest albums of all time by readers of Q magazine. As a duo, Leftfield went on to release the album, Rhythm & Stealth in 1999In 2010, Leftfield (now led solely by Neil Barnes) chose to take the group out on the road, which ultimately spawned the band’s third album ‘Alternative Light Source’ (2015).
“It’s hard to overestimate the significance of Leftism, roundly acknowledged upon its release in 1995 as the first truly complete album experience to be created by house musicians and the first quintessentially British one”  – Q Magazine
Throughout the 90s Leftfield were untouchable live and on record, starting a snowball rolling for British dance music alongside outfits like Orbital, Underworld and the Dust / Chemical Brothers in breaking electronic music from the underground, onto the stage and into the charts.
 They have always been regarded as one of electronic music’s defining live acts. The now-infamous Liveism tour that followed Leftism’s release set a new precedent in sonic presentation as the behemoth sound system, which aimed to replicate the cataclysmic bass effect of reggae sound systems, incurred more complaints than Motörhead, and a ban from Brixton Academy when plaster started flaking from the ceiling. The tour elevated dance music from anonymous club PA to major event, with guest vocalists joining the party.
2018 is looking good.

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